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Zigma Engineering Company Limited is a leading civil engineering construction company with over 20 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects. With several projects executed successfully all over the country, we have played a key role in developing Ghana’s civil infrastructure.



All our projects are subjected to thorough planning, rigorous feasibility studies, impact analysis legal, environmental  and financial considerations.





We DESIGN civil structures, develop cutting edge solutions and combine them with tried and tested state  of  the art  technologies to achieve an optimal result.


All our projects are completed within scheduled time frame and scope requirement..



Completed works are inspected tested to avoid compromise.



We are ready to satisfy your project requirements


Why Choose Us?

We at Zigma Engineering and our team of qualified professionals are well organized and prepared to undertake any challenging projects.

Work Experience

We have the resources in terms of equipment, plants and human resources to carry out construction and rehabilitation of all types of work.  We are abreast with modern materials of construction and adhere to specifications.

Financial Capabilities


We are well resourced financially.  Our Bankers – Zenith Bank and Stanbic Ghana Limited have a cordial relationship with us hence the ability to obtain all forms of credit facilities if need be to execute projects on time. 



Zigma Engineering Company Limited is managed by a Civil Engineer with over twenty-three (29) years of experience in Construction and Project Management.  We can work with or without a Consultant.



Our strength is in our ability to manage resources efficiently.  Since time is of essence, we always strive to complete our works on time coupled with good quality which makes our clients have value for money.

Safety, Reliability & Material Handling

We have professionals with in-depth knowledge in all types of materials and their handling.  This eliminates double handling and brings to bare efficient usage of materials which cuts down cost of works.

Contribution To The Locality


We have a policy of employing about forty per cent (40%) of our workers from the locality as our contribution and assistance to the CSR.